Montague Church

Montagu Community Church was founded in 1986 by a small group of Christians who wanted to establish a non charismatic, independent, English speaking  fellowship in Montagu.

In order to ensure that the teaching and preaching remained biblical, the founders adopted the doctrinal principals of several of the denominations that  agree with the fundamentals of reformed evangelical Christian doctrine:

  •  The Thirty Nine Articles (Church of England)
  • The Westminster Confession of Faith (Presbyterian)
  • The Savoy Declaration (Congregational) and
  • The London Confessional 1689 (Baptist).

The church, which is not affiliated to any other church, is managed by a Council elected annually from among its members. An independent body of Trustees, comprising of a number of senior pastors or officers of some of the main evangelical reformed churches is responsible for the maintenance of the Bible-centred, Evangelical and Reformed theological position of the Church.