For many years MCC supported the Stockwell School particularly when it was run as a farm school. MCC helped the school in its early years to cope with various aspects of their large annual growth. In addition, MCC provided feeding once per week by way of soup for the children and a Christmas Party at the end of each year.

The church received much appreciated assistance with the provision of soup from Montagu Country Hotel (the church ladies transported and distributed the soup at the school which is about 15 kms outside of Montagu) and presents and clothing from both SACS and Rondebosch Junior Schools, which were distributed at the annual Christmas party.

Some years ago the school was incorporated into the Western Cape Education Department which then took over the physical needs of the school and provided feeding for the learners. The Church diverted the soup in winter and bread-rolls and polony in summer to children at the “Centre of Hope” which deals with the poor.

In addition, the church provides sandwiches and cold-drinks to children who have to be at the local magistrates court to give evidence and are often waiting for long periods to be called.

Dance For All

MCC provides a monthly contribution towards feeding for ‘Dance for All’, an upliftment project which teaches dancing to disadvantaged children in Ashton, Ashbury and Zolani.

ACVV (Afrikaanse Christelike Vroue Vereeniging)

The ACVV, established in 1904, is the oldest welfare organisation in South Africa. It renders comprehensive social welfare services in many towns and cities and has offices in Montagu and Ashton. The church actually utilises the ACVV building facilities in Montagu for church and related services.

The work of the ACVV is partly funded by private and public resources and the Montagu Community Church makes both a monthly cash donation and the income from specific offerings towards its work.


The Church provides some supplementary financial support for an ex-Missionary who has retired after many years in the Mission Field with SIM, particularly in Ethiopia. She now lectures at Cornerstone Institute preparing people for the Mission field.