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2016-01-24Rev Neil FraserLuke 23:32-43Unity of the Bible the two AdamsListen/Download
2016-01-31Rev Clive TylerMatthew 10:34War and PeaceListen/Download
2016-02-07Rev Neil FraserJonah 1:1-17The Prophet who Ran from GodListen/Download
2016-02-14Rev Neil FraserJonah 1:1-17Saving JonahListen/Download
2016-02-21Rev Neil FraserJonah 2Salvation comes from the LordListen/Download
2016-02-28Rev Neil FraserJonah 3 - 4The Vine, the worm and the east windListen/Download
2016-03-06Rev Neil FraserMatthew 24: 29-44Looking to the Ultimate ReturnListen/Download
2016-03-12Rev Mervyn EloffRevelationCountry Churches Seminar part 1Listen/Download
2016-03-12Rev Mervyn EloffRevelationCountry Churches Seminar part 2Listen/Download
2016-03-12Rev Mervyn EloffRevelationCountry Churches Seminar part 3Listen/Download
2016-03-13Rev Neil FraserMatthew 26:17-35Jesus betrayed and last supperListen/Download
2016-03-20Rev Henry JoosteActs 2:1-15Ist Century church DevelopmentListen/Download
2016-03-25Rev Neil FraserLuke 23:26-49It's FridayListen/Download
2016-03-27Rev Neil FraserLuke 24:13-35But Sundays come!Listen/Download
2016-04-03Rev Neil FraserMatthew 28Signals from the ResurrectionListen/Download
2016-04-10Rev Neville Steele1 Peter 1:1-12How to face another day.Listen/Download
2016-04-17Nick CollinsMatthew 16:18Listen/Download
2016-04-24Rev Clive Tyler1 Corinthians 15Hold Fast to the WordListen/Download
2016-05-01Rev Neil FraserRomans 8:18-30Our Destiny is GloryListen/Download
2016-05-08Rev Neil FraserRomans 8:28-39The unbreakable chain 1Listen/Download
2016-05-15Rev Neil FraserRomans 8:28-39The unbreakable chain 2Listen/Download
2016-05-29David McDonaldLuke 1:26-38MotherhoodListen/Download
2016-06-05Rev Neil FraserPhilippians 1:1-11Praying with PaulListen/Download
2016-06-12Rev Neil FraserMark 14: 12-26The Bread and the CupListen/Download
2016-06-19Rev Neil FraserJohn 17The Great High Priestly PrayerListen/Download
2016-06-26Brian TurnerPsalm 37:1-8Listen/Download
2016-07-03Rev Neil FraserActs 1Aspects of Acts Part 1. The SequalListen/Download
2016-07-10Rev Neil FraserActs 5:17-42Aspects of Acts Part 2. JerusalemListen/Download
2016-07-17Rev Neil FraserActs 10:1-29Changing attitudes God's wayListen/Download
2016-07-24Rev Neil FraserActs 17:16-35Aspects of Acts Part 4. AthensListen/Download
2016-07-31Rev Neville SteeleRom 1:14-17What is the Gospel?Listen/Download
2016-08-07Rev Neil FraserActs 12 1-19Aspects of Acts part 5. PrayerListen/Download
2016-08-14Rev Neil FraserNehemiah 1Introduction to NehemiahListen/Download
2016-08-21Rev Neil FraserNehemiah 2Learning from NehemiahListen/Download
2016-08-28David McDonaldI Cor 12:12-20The Body of ChristListen/Download
2016-09-04Rev Neil FraserNehemiah 3Learning from Nehemiah: Be HolyListen/Download
2016-09-11Rev Neil FraserNehemiah 4Learning from Nehemiah: Sovereignty and RespoonsibilityListen/Download
2016-09-18Rev Neil FraserPsalm 146Praise the LordListen/Download
2016-09-25Brian TurnerJohn 5:16-30Today is the DayListen/Download
2016-10-02Rev Neil FraserNehemiah 5 and 6The Fear of the LordListen/Download
2016-10-09Rev Neil FraserNehemiah 7The ListListen/Download
2016-10-16Rev Neil FraserNehemiah 8The Joy of the Lord is my StrengthListen/Download
2016-10-23Rev Neil FraserNehemiah 9 and 10The Righteousness of GodListen/Download
2016-11-06Rev Neil Fraser2 Timothy 4:1-18Preaching the Word part 1Listen/Download
2016-11-13Rev Neil Fraser2 Peter 2:1-12Preaching the Word part 2Listen/Download
2016-11-20Rev Jonathon ThomasJohn 4:27-35The Harvest is PlentifulListen/Download
2016-11-27David MacDonaldMatthew 6:25-34Evil, pain and suffering. Part 1Listen/Download
2016-12-04Rev Neil FraserMatthew 7:13-23Preaching the Word part 3Listen/Download
2016-12-11Rev Roger HorwoodNehemiah 6:1-16Finishing StrongListen/Download
2016-12-18Rev Neil FraserMatthew 1:1-17The Scandalous GenealogyListen/Download
2017-01-01Rev Neil FraserPhilippians 3Press on towards the goalListen/Download
2017-01-15Rev Neil FraserMatthew 4:18-25What kind of Man is this?Listen/Download
2017-01-22Rev Neil FraserMatthew 9:9-36The Compassionate JesusListen/Download
2017-01-29David MacDonaldJohn 9:1-7Conduct has ConsequencesListen/Download
2017-02-05Rev Neil FraserMatthew 12:1-14The Lord of the SabbathListen/Download
2017-02-12Rev Neil FraserMatthew 17:1-13Mountain High, Mountain LowListen/Download
2017-02-19Rev Neil FraserMatthew 21:12-17Jesus - The PresenceListen/Download
2017-02-26Brian TurnerLuke 18:9-14The Justification of the Tax CollectorListen/Download
2017-03-05Rev Neil FraserMatthew 22:1-14Jesus the Divine StorytellerListen/Download
2017-03-12Rev Neil FraserMatthew 24:1-31Jesus The ProphetListen/Download
2017-03-19Rev Neil FraserMatthew 5:1-12Jesus The TeacherListen/Download
2017-03-26David MacdonaldJohn 15:9-17Forgiven again-Empowered anewListen/Download
2017-04-09Rev Neil FraserMatthew 26:31-46Jesus the Bread and WineListen/Download
2017-04-14 Good FridayRev Neil FraserMatthew 26:36-46Jesus The Cup and the CrossListen/Download
2017-04-16Rev Neil FraserMatthew 28:1-10, Luke 24:36-53Jesus Risen !Listen/Download
2017-04-23Bishop Martin MorrisonJohn 21:1-14Jesus Resurrection Listen/Download
2017-04-30Brian Turner1 Peter 2:1-10Holy, Living stonesListen/Download
2017-05-07Rev Neil FraserRom 1:16-20, 3:21-26, 5:1-5The Reformation Part 1 - Martin LutherListen/Download
2017-05-14Rev Neil FraserHebrews 4:6-14The Reformation Part 2 - Sola ScripturaListen/Download
2017-05-21Rev Neil FraserRomans 3:9-26The Reformation Part 3 - JustificationListen/Download
2017-05-25 Ascension dayRev Neil FraserJohn 13 :1-11The Heart of Christ in Heaven towards sinners on earthListen/Download
2017-05-28David MacDonald1 Cor 10:1-13You don't have to.......Listen/Download
2017-06-04Rev Neil Fraser1 John 1:1-4The Word of LifeListen/Download
2017-06-11Rev Neil Fraser1 John 1:5-10God is LightListen/Download
2017-06-18 Rev Neil Fraser1 John 3:1-3 The Wonder of God's LoveListen/Download
2017-06-23Rev Neil FraserDi Lawson Memorial serviceListen/Download
2017-06-25Rev Neil Fraser1 John 3:10-25The Children of GodListen/Download
2017-07-02Rev Neil Fraser1 John 3:11-20Brothers and Sisters in ChristListen/Download
2017-07-07Rev Neil FraserMike Lawson Memorial ServiceListen/Download
2017-07-09Rev Neil Fraser1 John 5:13-21A time for confidenceListen/Download
2017-07-30Nick CollinsJeremiah 2:9-19Living WatersListen/Download
2017-08-06Brian Turner1 Peter 2:11-17Aliens and PilgrimsListen/Download
2017-08-13Rev Neil Fraser1 Thessalonians 4:13-18HeavenListen/Download
2017-08-20Rev Neil FraserExodus 1-2Exodus - an IntroductionListen/Download
2017-08-27Rev Neil FraserExodus 2:11-22, 3:1-16The God who absolutely is – part 1Listen/Download
2017-09-10Rev Neil FraserExodus 4:1-17The God who absolutely is - part 2Listen/Download
2017-09-17Rev Neil FraserExodus 7:1-14Then they will know that I am the LORDListen/Download
2017-09-29Rev Neil Fraser1 Corinthians 13Fiona Sargeant Memorial ServiceListen/Download
2017-09-30Rev Mervyn Eloff1 JohnAuthentic Christianity part 1Listen/Download
2017-09-30Rev Mervyn Eloff1 JohnAuthentic Christianity part 2Listen/Download
2017-09-30Rev Mervyn Eloff1 JohnAuthentic Christianity part 3Listen/Download
2017-10-01Rev Neil FraserExodus 19The Mountain of the Lord !Listen/Download
2017-10-08Rev Neil FraserRevelation 14:6-7The chief aim of manListen/Download
2017-10-15Rev Neil Fraser1 Peter 1:1-16 Christian life in a Modern Society part 1Listen/Download
2017-10-22Rev Neil Fraser1 Peter 2 :4-12Christian life in a Modern Society part 2 "The Church"Listen/Download
2017-10-29Rev Neil Fraser1 Peter 3:8-16hristian life in a Modern Society part 3 "Effective witnessing"Listen/Download
2017-11-05Rev Neil Fraser1 Peter 1:3-9Inexpressible and glorious joy , NOWListen/Download
2017-11-05Sandy WilcoxMuslim beliefsListen/Download
2017-11-12Rev Neil Fraser1 Peter 3 :17-22Preaching to the spirits in prison.Listen/Download
2017-11-19Rev Neil Fraser1 Peter 4:7-11Peter, Jesus and PrayerListen/Download
2017-11-26David MacDonaldJohn 17:20-26The Church Jesus prayed forListen/Download
2017-12-03Rev Rob SmithLuke 16:19-31Luke's four rich menListen/Download
2017-12-10Rev Neil FraserMatthew 1The Greatest Story ever told, Skeletons in the cupboardListen/Download
2017-12-17Rev Neil FraserMatthew 1:18-25, Luke 1:26-45The Greatest Story ever told, Jesus and MaryListen/Download
2017-12-24Rev Neil Fraser Matthew 2The Greatest Story ever told, The cost of Christmas.Listen/Download
2017-12-25Rev Neil Fraser Luke 2:1-20The Greatest Story ever told, The Joy of ChristmasListen/Download
2017-12-31Rev Neil FraserActs 1:1-11Looking to 2018.Listen/Download
2018-01-07Rev Neil FraserLuke 3:21-23, 4:1-13 The Greatest Story ever Told, The Great CommissioningListen/Download
2018-01-14Rev Neil FraserMark 1:14-15, Luke 4:14-30, John 2:1-11The Greatest Story ever told, Breaking News.Listen/Download
2018-01-28Errol de KockJohn 18:1-27When God's Plan comes togetherListen/Download
2018-02-04Rev Neil Fraser Matthew 4:12-5:12The Greatest Story ever told, The Sermon on the mountListen/Download
2018-02-11Rev Neil Fraser Matthew 5:1-12The Greatest Story ever told. The BeatitudesListen/Download
2018-02-18Errol de KockPsalm 19The Voice of GodListen/Download
2018-02-25Brian TurnerJohn 11:17-44The Raising of LazarusListen/Download
2018-03-04John CliffordMark 3:31-35The Divine AttractionListen/Download
2018-03-11Rev Neil FraserMatthew 5:1-12The Greatest Story ever told. The Beatitudes part 2Listen/Download
2018-03-18Rev Neil FraserMatthew 5:1-12The Greatest Story ever told. The Beatitudes part 3Listen/Download
2018-03-25Rev Neil FraserMark 11:1-12The Greatest Story ever told. The Coming of the Lord and Judgement on Jerusalem.Listen/Download
2018-03-20Rev Neil FraserVarious, leading up to CrucifixionTenebrae serviceListen/Download
2018-03-30Rev Neil FraserPsalm 22The Greatest Story ever told. The Transforming Dynamic of the CrossListen/Download
2018-04-01Rev Neil FraserLuke 24:1-12The Greatest Story ever told. Jesus is not found among the dead.Listen/Download
2018-04-08Rev Neil FraserPsalm 8The Psalms - an introductionListen/Download
2018-04-15Rev Neil FraserPsalm 69The Psalms part 2Listen/Download
2018-04-29Rev Neil FraserPsalm 11The Song of the SteadfastListen/Download
2018-05-06Rev Neil Fraser1 Samuel 21:1-22:4The Man after God's own Heart. I DavidListen/Download
2018-05-10Rev Neil FraserActs 1:1-11What does the Ascension mean to us?Listen/Download
2018-05-28Rev Neil Fraser 2 Samuel 1:1-10The Man after God's own Heart. David and Bathsheba, sin and grace.Listen/Download
2018-06-03Rev Neil Fraser2 Corinthians 7:8-13The Man after God's own Heart. David and Bathsheba , repentanceListen/Download
2018-06-10Rev Neil Fraser2 Samuel 15:10-30The Man after God's own Heart, David and Bathsheba the consequences of sinListen/Download
2018-06-17Rev Neil Fraser2 Samuel 24: 1-15The Man after God's own Heart. David and the economy of God.Listen/Download
2018-07-01Rev Neil Fraser2 Samuel 24:15-25The Man after God's own Heart. The incitement of DavidListen/Download
2018-07-08Brian TurnerJohn 17:1-17The washing of the disciples feet.Listen/Download
2018-07-15Rev Neil Fraser2 Samuel 24:15-25The Man after God's own Heart. The Gospel according to DavidListen/Download
2018-07-22Rev Neil FraserEphesians 1:9-23Is the Church still relevant today? Part 1Listen/Download
2018-07-29Rev Neil FraserEphesians 2:11-22Is the Church still relevant today? Part 2Listen/Download
2018-08-05Errol de KockJohn 13:1-30Love in action.Listen/Download
2018-08-12Rev Neil FraserMatthew 5:11-20Is the Church still relevant today? Part 3Listen/Download
2018-08-19Rev Neil FraserJohn 17:1-19Is the Church still relevant today? Part 4 Transform NOT conform!Listen/Download
2018-08-26Rev Neil FraserGenesis 1:26-31, 2:15-25Is the Church still relevant today? Sexuality part 1Listen/Download
2018-09-02Rev Neil Fraser1 Corinthians 6:9-20Is the Church still relevant today? Sexuality part 2 “Same sex marriage and same sex attraction”Listen/Download
2018-09-16Rev Neil FraserProverbs 3`:10-31Is the Church still relevant today? "Feminism and Gender Equality part 1"Listen/Download
2018-09-23Rev Neil Fraser1 Timothy :2Is the Church still relevant today? "Women in the church"Listen/Download
2018-09-30Rev Neil FraserJohn 1:1-18I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief. “Why John?”Listen/Download
2018-10-07Rev Neil FraserJohn 1:19-51I do believe help my unbelief, “Recognising the call”Listen/Download
2018-10-14Rev Neil FraserJohn 2:1-11I do believe help my unbelief. "The First Sign"Listen/Download
2018-10-21Rev Neil FraserJohn 2:12-23I do believe help my unbelief. "The Delayed Sign"Listen/Download
2018-10-28David MacDonaldMark 10: 17-22Almost a Christian!Listen/Download
2018-11-04Errol de KockJohn 20Is the Resurrection fake news?Listen/Download
2018-11-11Rev Neil FraserJohn 3:1-8I do believe help my unbelief. The New Birth part 1Listen/Download
2018-11-18Rev Neil FraserJohn 3:1-21I do believe help my unbelief. The New Birth part 2Listen/Download
2018-11-25Rev Neil FraserJohn 4:1-26I do believe help my unbelief. And because of His words many more believed part 1Listen/Download
2018-12-02David MacDonaldMatthew 2:16-18Your Divine Right!Listen/Download
2018-12-09Rev Neil FraserJohn 4:39-54I do believe help my unbelief. And because of His words many more believed part 2 and the Second SignListen/Download
2018-12-16Rev Neil FraserMark 9:14-29I do believe help my unbelief. Help me overcome my unbeliefListen/Download
2018-12-23Rev Neil FraserIsaiah 9:1-7To us a Child is bornListen/Download
2018-12-25Rev Neil FraserLuke 2:1-20The Christmas StoryListen/Download
2018-12-30Rev Neil FraserJohn 17:1-5,20-26The Cost of BethlehemListen/Download
2019-01-06Rev Neil FraserIsaiah 6:1-13Father, Son and Holy Spirit:The Father's HolinessListen/Download
2019-01-13Rev Neil FraserRomans 8:12-17Father , Son and Holy Spirit: Abba -FatherListen/Download
2019-01-20Rev Neil FraserJob 38-42Father , Son and Holy Spirit: The God who is GodListen/Download
2019-01-27Rev John ChildPsalm 96Sing a new songListen/Download
2019-02-03Rev Neil FraserLuke 1:5-25,57-66Father , Son and Holy Spirit: The Son ForetoldListen/Download
2019-02-10Rev Neil FraserLuke 1:26-45Father , Son and Holy Spirit: The Son, His birth as the fulfilment of God's promisesListen/Download
2019-02-17Rev Neil FraserMark 8:22-33, 10:46-52Father , Son and Holy Spirit: The Son Human and DivineListen/Download
2019-020-24Nick CollinsIsaiah 61The Year of the Lord's FavourListen/Download
2019-03-03Rev Neil FraserJohn 14:15-27Father , Son and Holy Spirit: I believe in the Holy SpiritListen/Download
2019-03-10Rev Neil FraserActs 2:29-41Father , Son and Holy Spirit: Baptised in the Holy SpiritListen/Download
2019-03-17Rev Neil FraserVariousFather , Son and Holy Spirit: Some activities of the Holy SpiritListen/Download