The following persons shall be considered members:

  1. Those who regularly attend services of worship and profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord, who accept the statement of faith of the church and it’s constitution. 
  2. An applicant who has been a member of good standing at any recognised church which subscribes to the principles in the Montagu Church’s statement of faith shall qualify for immediate membership. 
  3. Application for membership shall be made to the Church Secretary by way of an application form. Every person desirous of becoming a member shall complete the prescribed application form thereby confirming acceptance of the constitution in its entirety. 
  4. The church Council shall consider all applications and its decision shall be communicated:

4.1 to the applicant as soon as possible; and
4.2 to the congregation at the first following Sunday service.

The application form for membership can be found by clicking here